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The work culture in Afan supports learning at every stage of your work life. Opportunities in learning are available in the technical, functional, behavioral, general management and leadership areas through options like EDPs

(Executive Development Programmers), MDPs (Management Development Programmers), E-learning and On the Job exposure to International Practices.

Respect and recognition of performance is an inextricable part of our work culture. Consistent performance becomes the benchmark for growth opportunities, job rotations, remuneration, reward and recognition. We provide equal opportunities to our employees to grow both horizontally & vertically through cross functional, cross business and cross location job rotations. This gives immense opportunities to professionals to add value to them and to satisfy their career aspirations

Providing a safe and healthy working environment for our employees is a top priority. We believe safety is non-negotiable. We constantly seek to adopt work practices that are safer and make Afan a great place to work.

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